‘The End’ of Warner Bros.

This is the first page in a series dedicated to the ‘The End’ title screen. To show the evolution in their designs I decided to dedicate one single page to a studio.
More pages will follow.

Unlike other studios Warner Bros. managed to maintain consistency in their designs. Their logo, which hasn’t changed much since the early 1930s, is present in every design they’ve done.

The images displayed here are from movies made from 1924 (Beau Brummel) to 1967 (Cool hand Luke and Wait until dark). Earlier films – Warner Bros. made their first film in 1918 – are either lost or not yet available on dvd.


    Devil’s Island + King of the Underworld + Off the Record + They Made Me a Criminal + Torchy Blane in Chinatown + Wings of the Navy + Nancy Drew… Reporter + My Darling Daughter + Secret Service of the Air + The Oklahoma Kid + Adventures of Jane Arden + Blackwell’s Island + On Trial + Dodge City + Women in the Wind + Dark Victory + Juarez + Confessions of a Nazi Spy + Torchy Runs for Mayor + Sweepstakes Winner + You Can’t Get Away with Murder + Kid from Kokomo + Man Who Dared + Nancy Drew… Trouble Shooter + Naughty but Nice + Hell’s Kitchen + Waterfront + Daughters Courageous + Each Dawn I Die + The Cowboy Quarterback + Indianapolis Speedway + Torchy Blane… Playing with Dynamite + The Angels Wash Their Faces + Everybody’s Hobby + The Old Maid + Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase + Dust Be My Destiny + No Place to Go + Espionage Agent + Pride of the Blue Grass + On Your Toes + Smashing the Money Ring + The Roaring Twenties + Kid Nightingale + The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex + On Dress Parade + We Are Not Alone + The Return of Doctor X + Private Detective + The Mad Empress + Sons of the Sea + Four Wives + Old Hickory + Invisible Stripes