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I hardly ever see other designers adding their own website design to their portfolio. Which is odd since a lot of effort goes into trying to create a design you can live with yourself, that pleases visitors, attracts future clients and is search engine friendly.

When designing your own website there are no boundaries, and when everything is possible it’s much harder to decide which direction to take. It also means you’re your own client, and often much more criticizing than an actual client would be.

The old website was too static and didn’t even have a blog. What I did like about the old website was the fact that it was bilingual, something you don’t see very often. While it adds extra ‘flavor’ it could send mixed signals to visitor, who could get the impression the website is targeted at local, Dutch people, which is not the case. Thanks to the internet it doesn’t matter where a client is located. I gave myself a new title. Instead of ‘web designer’ or ‘graphic designer’ I became an ‘International designer.’

There are a lot of designers in the world, and all of them have websites. I’m convinced people can get immune to things they see every day. I’ve been looking for a device to attract visitors who are immune to web designer’s websites.

At first I wanted to do something with bright colors, but got rid of them when I found ‘Bingo.’ The ‘Bingo, you’ve found me’ was just what I needed to connect it with the international character of the website. To further illustrate the ‘Bingo, you’ve found me’ and to complete the picture I added a map with a hint to a radar.