Movie poster design for Cinetree

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Una giornata particolare movie poster

Una giornata particolare
The concept is almost literally: dancing on the (eve of the) war. The film is set in Rome in 1938, and follows a woman and her neighbor who stay home the day Mussolini rolls out the red carpet for Hitler.

Das Leben der Anderen movie poster

Das Leben der Anderen
It’s a film about surveillance and censorship in East Berlin by agents of the Stasi. The design is a depiction of peeking through window blinds and redacting words with black tape or a marker. The text in the background is the article written by the protagonist in the film.

Jagten movie poster

This is the depiction of a little girl’s world. A world she outgrows as she – without really realising it – wrongly accuses her kindergarten class teacher of sexual abuse.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly movie poster

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
An attempt to capture the look and feel of the film. The first half of the film unfolds from the protagonist’s point of view, with shifting angles and out-of-focus and overexposed images.

The protagonist is paralysed and uses one eye to communicate. The title treatment is a reference to the card with a frequency-ordered alphabet seen in the film.

Public Enemy №1 movie posterPublic Enemy №1 movie poster

Public Enemy №1
Two movies, one story: the life of Jacques Mesrine, a criminal who repeatedly escaped from prison and made international headlines. I tried to create a tabloid journalism-style newspaper using bold typography and colors. One story, split into two parts; that’s also how this design works: the second part completes the first.

Movie poster design for Cinetree

Cinetree is a platform that offers a curated selection of 10 feature films and documentaries each month. Every title is represented by a movie poster.

Required elements: the movie title, the name of the director, the border and one of the Cinetree colors (pictured below).