Laurens ten Dam

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LtD - Laurens ten Dam – logo design

LtD – Laurens ten Dam

Laurens ten Dam

Laurens is one of pro cycling’s most colorful characters. He’s a hard man, the rugged outdoors type of guy who loves to travel, camp and barbecue.
This almost automatically resulted in a very basic logo with a weathered look. Two versions, one for his nickname “LtD,” one for his full name.

The rough character of the logo is also used for the menu. The rest of the website is kept very simple.

Laurens wasn’t interested in a gallery page: “people know how to google.” Instead, I decided to use a photo on every page. Half of it is obscured by the content of the page, but when you click to visit a new page the content of the current page fades out and reveals the entire background image.