The movie title stills collection


The movie title stills collection

The movie title stills collection

The movie title stills collection

A collection containing stills of titles from feature films and trailers (1902-2013).

The collection gathered quite a bit of attention from design portals to newspapers like The Guardian and The New York Times. Below you’ll find the hightlights of what has been written about the collection.


Of film buffs and font geekery: A Q&A with the creator of the Movie title stills collection
FLAVORWIRE  …it all started with a particularly epic Casablanca-Gone with the Wind-Citizen Kane bender. Read on to hear about Annyas’s unlikely path to film buff-dom, the golden age of movie titles and why he left the…


Graphic Content | Film At First Sight
THE NEW YORK TIMES  Lately, however, there has been renewed interest in the old, static titles, particularly the ones with drop-shadow lettering or metaphoric typography in the shape of trees, stones and jewels.

Why the Movie Title Stills Collection has me hooked
THE GUARDIAN  …what emerges from comparing the 1920s to the 2000s is how similar they basically are in form, how little the grammar of film has changed, and how young the artform actually is. Anyway, this website is a treat.

“Masterpieces of hand-lettering:” Movie title cards of yore
CORE 77  …some are masterpieces of hand-lettering.” Heller’s uncovered a website called the Movie Title Stills Collection, which features screengrabs from movies dating from 1920 to the present day.

Special feature on the “Movie stills collection”
DESIGN REVIVER  …a website that is a mixture of good old fashioned quality and modern coolness, that brings the under valued art of Movie Still Photography into the spotlight for a new generation to drool over.

Now and then: How film titles have evolved
IDSGN  …pioneered by the likes of Saul Bass and (more recently) Kyle Cooper, film titles were once a motionless work of art. In this ‘Now and then,’ we are pressing pause and exploring the art behind the film title…

The movie title stills collection
ITEMS  …juist door de soberheid brengt de collectie bepaalde grafische trends goed in beeld, en is het zeer verleidelijk om door de pagina’s te scrollen en snelle analyses te maken. Het lijkt er bijvoorbeeld op dat…

Opening film titles – An underrated design element
LEIBOWIT  As I looked through Christian’s collection, I realized that so many of my favorite films often mirror the way I perceive the opening titles. While the movie poster is a film’s true identity, the opening shot sets…

The End
PRINT – THE DAILY HELLER  Look what I found!! Vintage movie title cards were not viewed as significant graphic design when they were created in the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s. To look at them now, some are masterpieces of hand-lettering…

Godard’s type
IMPRINT – THE DAILY HELLER  Christian Annyas, the online curator of all things typographic in cinema, “The Movie Stills Collection,”  is publishing a series of blog posts about the typography of French director Jean-Luc Godard, who recently turned 80….


Titles & End credits
HOEFLER & FRERE-JONES  Keep an eye out for “in-camera” lettering, in which lettering is incorporated into on-screen props. The book in Jeux Interdits uses a popular trope; the telephone in Dial M for Murder and…

Best Movie Title Site Yet
MARK SIMONSON  …there’s an even better one: Christian Annyas’ The Movie Title Stills Collection. It has a lot of the same material, but it’s much better organized, and also includes end titles and trailer titles…

Westerns at The Movie Title Stills Collection
WOODTYPER  …many of the examples from The Movie Title Stills Collection were hand-painted, but even among those it’s easy to see the influences of wood type with the use of styles like tuscan, latin, various slab serifs, etc…

Web design

Showcase of web design in The Netherlands
SMASHING MAGAZINE  Can the Dutch be proud of its web design community? Is it capable of producing great websites? Has the community earned a place in web design land, or is Dutch web design still in its infancy?

50 Creative examples of vintage and retro in web design
SPECKYBOY  …what is popular this year will undoubtedly not be popular next year. There is only one web design style that you can rely on and be deemed timeless – and that is the Vintage style. And alongside that, and similar…

How to make your web design stand out from the crowd
CARSONIFIED  Don’t be afraid of space on a page. I’ve lost count of how many times people have asked me “Why is there a space there”? I’m sure this is just pure web page conditioning. People don’t ask the same…

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #13
D-LISTS  There are some absolutely stunning web designs in this weeks list, which I’m sure you will enjoy. I really enjoy putting this post together, surfing the net for the very best designs is so much fun. I hope you…

Inspiration: web design trends in 2009: Where are we heading?
WEBTOOLKIT 4 ME  Big photography, huge typography, sketches, nature and sliders. There are other “trends” as well but i believe these are the elements used mostly in today’s web design world and will be used…

Showcase of creative blogs with totally original design
INSPIRED MAG  These days is so hard to be original, especially in the web design field. But some of the blogs we came across lately are so totally authentic that we felt the need to showcase some of them in a special post.

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