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Title sequence

Fahrenheit 451

Directed by: 
François Truffaut
Oskar Werner, Julie Christie, Cyril Cusack, Anton Diffring
“An Enterprise Vineyard production,” “Oskar Werner,” “Julie Christie,” Fahrenheit 451 (1966) movie title “in Fahrenheit 451,” “co-starring: Cyril Cusack,” “Anton Diffring,” “Jeremy Spenser, Bee Duffell, Alex Scott,” “screenplay by François Truffaut and Jean-Louis Richard,” “from a novel by Ray Bradbury,” “music by Bernard Herrmann,” “director of Photography: Nicolas Roeg,” “color by Technicolor,” “art Director: Syd Cain,” “production and costume design consultant: Tony Walton,” “film editor: Thom Noble,” “associate producer: Mickey Dalamar, produced by Lewis M. Allen” “directed by François Truffaut.” Title sequence