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Video: title sequence

In Harm’s Way (1965)

Directed by: 
Otto Preminger
John Wayne, Kirk Douglas, Patricia Neal, Henry Fonda, Burgess Meredith
Title design: 
Saul Bass
Saul Bass In Harm's Way 1965 title sequence Movie title End title sequence

From “Bass on titles,” an on-camera interview with Bass, about his work on title sequences:

“I started in graphics and then – as you’ve seen – I began to move that graphic image in film. Somewhere down the line I felt the need to come to grips with the realistic or live action image, which seemed to me at the time to be central to the notion of film. Of course then a whole new world has opened to me. Keep in mind however, in spite of my fascination with this I still felt content was the key issue. So I continued to look for simple, direct ideas.

For example: In harm’s way – a story about the sea war in the Pacific. I used the violent and eternal qualities of the sea as a metaphor for the people and the events in the story. In ‘Seconds’ a 60-year-old man goes into a hospital and through advanced surgical techniques he’s reconstituted in his entirety and he comes out, 25 years old and looking like Rock Hudson. Now, tampering with humanity that way, is pretty scary, so in the title I broke apart, distorted and reconstituted the human face to set the stage symbolically for what was to come.”— Saul Bass