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Carmen Jones

Directed by: 
Otto Preminger
Harry Belafonte, Dorothy Dandridge, Pearl Bailey, Olga James, Joe Adams
20th Century Fox
Title design: 
Saul Bass
Harold Adler
I began as a graphic designer and as part of my work I created many film symbols for ad campaigns. During that period I happened to be working on the symbols for ‘Carmen Jones’ and ‘The man with the golden arm’ for Otto Preminger. At one point in our work Otto and I just looked at each other and said: “why not make it move?” It was really as simple as that.”

— Saul Bass, “Bass on titles”

When Saul Bass started making credits, the credits themselves were part of the film and they had a clarity of a modern sensibility that took you to another decade, another two decades ahead. Saul Bass really was the first to inflict that and would destroy once and for all that old concept of opening credits.

— Martin Scorsese, in the documentary “Saul Bass, title champ”

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