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Saul Bass: Nine hours to Rama (1963) title sequence

Nine Hours to Rama

Directed by: 
Mark Robson
Horst Buchholz, José Ferrer, Valerie Gearon, Robert Morley, Harry Andrews
Title design: 
Saul Bass

“In these titles I came to grips with what I think is the most challenging aspect of any creative endeavor and that is to deal with ordinary things. Things that we know so well that we ceased to see them. Deal with them in a way that allows us to understand them again. In a sense it’s making the ordinary extraordinary. For instance: Nine hours to Rama is about the nine hours which preceded the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. By taking a clock – an ordinary object – an subjecting it to an unrelenting examination I hoped to create an intensification of one’s awareness of each moment.— Saul Bass, “Bass on titles”
Saul Bass Nine Hours to Rama 1963 movie poster

Nine hours to Rama (1963) movie poster – designed by Saul Bass

Saul Bass designed various movie posters for Nine hours to Rama. None of them were ever used. Illustration and lettering: Art Goodman.