Logo design

Railroad company logo design evolution

100 logos from American and Canadian railroad companies

Whenever I come across something that’s designed in China it’s usually also “Made in China.” In most cases “Made in China” means that it looks cheap or it is cheap. But what about Chinese graphic design or logo design? Does that look cheap too? […]

Airline logos from China and Hong Kong

Design from the Far East. Is it any good?

Have you ever visited a department store just to admire their graphic design? Me neither. But I might have done that if I was born 50 years earlier. Just look at the images above. Wow. And those are just their logos. Imagine what their posters, folders, price tags, receipts, […]

Handlettered logos from defunct department stores

Script lettering from American department stores

Once I knew where to look I found a lot of Sanborn Fire Insurance maps. When I started comparing them I noticed the variety of logo/wordmark designs. Displayed above are 30 examples, but it could have been easily been 100. Which proves designers were […]

Sanborn map company logo and lettering

Wordmarks from maps issued between 1885 and 1921

Tour de France 2011: Shoes and clothing logos

Graphic design in the Tour de France, part 7

Tour de France 2011: Helmets and glasses logos

Graphic design in the Tour de France, part 6

Tour de France 2011: Wheels and tires logos

Graphic design in the Tour de France, part 5

Tour de France 2011: Saddle and pedal logos

Graphic design in the Tour de France, part 4

If you don’t own a bicycle you’ve probably never heard of Shimano, Campagnolo or SRAM. These companies are responsible for some of the most invisible and yet important elements of a bicycle: the components (a bicycle’s mechanical parts). Crankset […]

Tour de France 2011: Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM components logos

Graphic design in the Tour de France, part 3

There’s not much space for graphic design on a bicycle frame. Most logos and graphics appear on the two horizontal and diagonal tubes in the center of the frame. The largest logo usually is the wordmark of the manufacturer. That’s possibly the reason why […]

Tour de France: Bicycle manufacturer logos

Graphic design in the Tour de France, part 2

The Tour de france. 22 Teams, each with 9 riders. Each rider gets a free helmet, free glasses, jerseys, bibs, socks, shoes and rides on a free bike with a frame, saddle, pedals, wheels and tubes, all of which is provided by sponsors. Each sponsor is hoping to get […]

Tour de France: Team logos and jerseys

Graphic design in the Tour de France, part 1

“If I do my job well, the identity program will also clean up the image of the company, position it as being contemporary and keep it from ever looking dated”. — Saul Bass
Bass certainly did his job well, he created some of the most recognizable and iconic […]

Saul Bass logo design: then and now

The average lifespan of a Saul Bass logo is 34 years.